CSR Activities
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CSR Activities

Kindness is contagious and that’s why we believe in spreading it infinitely. Founded in 2016, the GHP Education in close collaboration with Smt. Durgadevi Sharma Charitable Trust is working for a noble cause to spread happiness amongst those, who are in need. The world needs more such acts of kindness that make lives better and provide them hope.

Our drive PEHEL – the Joy of Sharing is devoted to bring a smile to the faces of the less fortunate ones. Students of all the schools in the GHP Education Wing paraphernalia are encouraged to contribute notebooks, stationaries, toys and clothes to those in need, making a difference in their lives.

Over 3000 children actively participate in the ‘Joy of Sharing’ drive from 6 schools in the GHP paraphernalia. Each year the participation increases, benefiting more children. Many children are ecstatic to showcase their talents, from dancing to singing to other tricks, each one of them has some special skill. The Trustees leave no stone unturned to ensure that each person who comes for the event leaves with a bag full of happiness.

Another unique feature of PEHEL, is the Boutique. The PEHEL Boutique gives an opportunity to women and girls to shop and choose things that they desire to have. This experience to choose what’s best for them makes them happy. From bedcovers to lehengas to bangles to artifacts, there is something for every woman.

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